Bored sales people make terrible learners.
In order to educate, you must first entertain.
In order to inform, you must first inspire.
We are more prone to learning when we are laughing.



Patrick Henry Hansen provides powerful prospecting and cold calling strategies for sales organizations serious about consistent pipeline growth and increased sales. Our cold calling and lead generation training equips salespeople and organizations with the skills and strategies to develop effective scripts, overcome client resistance, generate qualified leads, and set appointments.

Key Takeaways from Patricks Sales Prospecting Class

  • Develop effective opening statements and cold calling scripts
  • Streamline messages into 15-30 second opening statements
  • Work with (instead of against) gatekeepers
  • Overcome traditional cold calling objections
  • Avoid common cold calling mistakes
  • Eliminate cold calling fears
  • View voice mail as an ally instead of an enemy
  • Utilize bold alternatives to traditional cold calls
  • Develop an effective Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Conduct effective pre-call planning
  • Implement S3 Prospecting Principles™
  • Generate more leads and set more appointments—more often

Based on the tenets of Patrick Henry’s best selling book, Power Prospecting, our workshop provides a combination of classroom exercises, role-playing, follow-up eLearning tools, on-going podcasts, and coaching tools.

"This exciting book of superb prospecting methods shows you how to double your leads and double your income."

                                                                                                    Brian Tracy, Author, The Psychology of Selling


Patrick Henry International

5755 Oberlin Drive, Suite # 301
San Diego, CA 92121


"PHI [Patrick Hansen] shows you how to get more and better prospects, easier than you ever thought possible."

Brian Tracy, Author, The Psychology of Selling

"I have attended numerous sales trainings over my career and consider myself well read on the topic. I can say, unequivocally, this is the most effective sales approach available. The entertaining style and real world examples made it engaging, memorable and, most importantly, implementable."

Ryan Rothe, Sales Director, Research Now

"Bravo...a maverick approach to sales and marketing. Patrick's use of history is engaging, interesting, and informative - a blueprint for sales and marketing success.

Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder, Selling Power Magazine

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