Power Prospecting


Prospecting is a mandatory selling skill. Without effective prospecting skills, sellers often struggle to fill their calendars with appointments and pipelines with qualified leads. Power prospectors are intelligent prospectors.

The purpose of this book is to provide sellers with a structured process and clear methodology to generate leads and set appointments. By utilizing the concepts outlined in Power Prospecting, sellers develop the confidence and competence to successfully prospect.

"This exciting book of superb prospecting methods shows you how to double your leads and double your income."

- Brian Tracy


The Dna Selling method


The DNA Selling Method is a question-based approach to selling that follows a rational probing sequence and provides sellers with a systematic approach to qualifying accounts, overcoming objections, and closing sales.

Successful sellers are smart sellers. The purpose of this book is to help sales professionals think, plan, strategize, and execute intelligent selling methods. By utilizing the DNA Selling Method, they will work smarter, not harder and increase their earnings without increasing their hours.

"Patrick's link between history and sales is very entertaining... If you're interested in dramatically improving sales, read this book.

- Dr. Stephen R. Covey


Winning Sales Presentations


Poor presentations rarely lead to won sales. Excellent presentations rarely lead to lost sales.

The purpose of this book is to instruct sellers in the science of delivering exceptional presentations. Its contents provide sellers with a structured process and clear methodology for delivering successful presentations and avoiding unnecessary pitfalls. By utilizing the concepts outlined in Winning Sales Presentations, sellers develop the confidence and expertise to successfully implement intelligent presentation strategies, deliver high impact presentations and win more sales.

"Patrick's use of historical speeches to teach modern presentation principles is brilliant—a blueprint for today's practicioners."

- Dr. William D. Danko, The Millionaire Next Door

Sale-Side Negotiation


Negotiation is a primary component of successful selling. Without effective negotiating skills and strategies, sellers unnecessarily offer price concessions, which in turn drives down profitability.

The purpose of Sale-Side Negotiation is to instruct sellers in the science of negotiations; specifically, negotiation from the sales side of the table. Its content provides sellers with a structured process and clear methodology to conduct successful negotiations, avoid unnecessary discounts, and prevent unwarranted price concessions.

"Patrick's use of history to teach sales-side negotiation is remarkable—an inspiring, captivating read."

- Larry King



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