“Bored sales people make terrible learners. In order to educate, you must first entertain. Sales people who are laughing are more prone to learning.”

Patrick Henry Hansen

Who is Patrick Henry Hansen?

Sales Trainer. Keynote Speaker. Best Selling Author.
Patrick Henry Hansen is the author of four best-selling books: Power Prospecting, The DNA Selling Method, Winning Sales Presentations and Sales-Side Negotiation. His books have sold over 50 thousand copies in over 21 countries.
Prior to starting Patrick Henry International, Mr. Hansen was a sales representative, manager, and executive. As an executive for multiple technology companies, he introduced sales trainings and selling systems that increased revenue over 100% in each company. Mr. Hansen is an internationally renowned sales trainer known for his entertaining style, passionate delivery, and motivational keynotes. He is a recognized sales and marketing expert witness in United States Federal Courts.
Patrick is a former radio talk show host and historian with a personal library of over 3,000 books. He enjoys reading, Mixed Martial Arts, snow boarding, mountain biking, and playing the drums.

Patrick's training is based on the fact that history has tought us the 3 most important skills known to man: Persuasion. Negotiation and Communication skills. What he calls, The Inalienable Skills™.

Skills Aristotle and the ancient Greeks called Rhetoric, Oratory and Polemics.

Skills the Romans referred to as a Tricolon: PERSUASIO, COMMUNICATIO & LITIGO.

Used together, the 3 Inalienable Skills™ are more valuable and more applicable than most college degrees and that regardless of your profession, acquiring and mastering these 3 skills will do more to advance your career and increase your income than virtually any other skills you can acquire.

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